Danny studied illustration and graphic design at Leicester Polytechnic (now DeMontfort University). He currently works across the disciplines of drawn illustration, collage, photography and site-specific installation.



Collecting wire has become a compulsion. In the gutter, in a skip or a brand new reel in a DIY store. For me it's the perfect, multi-coloured, instant line. Based around a strong formal composition of rectangles and squares of varying materials, some found, others created. The 'cross' is a common motif for me, though not in any consciously religious sense. It is a beautiful, balanced shape lending itself to being a figure or a landscape. The linear wire element becomes a drawing, a pattern or texture reading as raindrops, light-trails or a distant hedge leading the eye or underlining another shape.

There has been a figurative or narrative starting point borne out of my illustration training, or a repeat pattern motif, but my latest work has seen the wire take on a more dramatic, three-dimensional role, forming concentrated masses, textile like, looping and hanging through the supporting material. This is reminiscent of the computer motherboards and analogue TV entrails that clutter my studio and maybe it's no coincidence that my recent pictures are as intensely 'planted' as my garden borders are intensely planted with flowers and grasses!


October 2015-present Curating monthly shows at the Walthamstow Village Window Gallery

2016 E17 Summer Show: Refugees, St Barnabas Church, Walthamstow, London
2015 November Novelties. Three-person show inc selection from Accidentally Brilliant, Train of Thought Gallery, Worthing, West Sussex
2015 The Greatest Little Art Show in E17, October 2015. Secret postcard group exhibition fundraiser, The Mill
2015 Whose story is it anyway? Group show inc selection from Accidentally Brilliant, E17 Art Trail
2014 Solo show Street of Blue Plaques at Vestry House Museum, Walthamstow, London
2014 The Great East End Art Market, London
2013 Word on the Street, Pictorem, London
2013 Summer Show, Penny Fielding Gallery, London
2013 Book Marks, E17 Art House & The Mill, London
2013 Tasty, Appetite Festival, E17 Art House, London
2012 Make Yourself at Home/Street of Blue Plaques (II), London
2012 Spring, Foreman’s Smokehouse Gallery, Fish Island, London
2012 Picture Show, Everyman Cinema, Hampstead, London
2011 Picture Show, E17 Art House, London
2011 Street of Blue Plaques (I), Walthamstow, London
2010 Consumerism: Postcards, Which? Head Office, London
2009 Flowers, Shoots & Leaves, London
1995 Two man show - Alternative Arts, Marylebone, London
1995 Festival of Illustration, Buckenham House Galleries, Southwold, Suffolk

Danny Coope’s work appears in private collections in the USA, New Zealand, Greece, France and the UK