Epistles I-XII


E17 Summer Show, St Barnabas Church, St Barnabas Road, Walthamstow
Open 11am - 4pm, 16 & 19 June 2016

A 10 artist show to raise awareness and funds for the plight of refugees.

Firstly the exhibition venue St Barnabas brought to Danny’s mind those slogans emblazoned on church noticeboards that remind us that 'Jesus Saves!’ Under the influence of Los Angeles nun and accidental Pop artist Sister Corita Kent and the Blue Note jazz album cover designer Reid Miles; Danny has created a series of typographical posters featuring borrowed phrases or epistles [written communications] promoting the UK/London/Walthamstow as a place of refuge for those in danger abroad.

Not wanting to trivialise the horror of the situation, the cheerful palette has been chosen to engage the viewer, instil some positivity and better spread the message where sombre, serious colours may have deterred. Hung in place of the Stations of the Cross – a series of plaques depicting Christ's last day on earth – Danny's epistles are simple rallying cries of acceptance for refugees, wherever you are, whatever your faith.


12 digital prints on paper, various sizes
Copies available to order, at any size. Please enquire via the Contact page.